Lino on the street

Lino does at great job on the radio, but it was a lot of fun hearing him on the street talking to us.I also thought Jared and Lou did a great job at the helm. I was thinking maybe they should do it more. They could have Lino down on the street interviewing people on something Catholic or Catholic trivia, kind of like what David Letterman does.It would be reaching a whole different crowd of people and maybe get a few more listeners. No, I really don't see this happening but it would be funny,people looking at him like he some criminal and just walking really,really fast to get away from him.

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3 Responses to Lino on the street

  1. yes it was Stern-esque. I remember Howard (to whom I now rarely listen) doing this kinda stuff when he was younger. God Bless Howard Stern, as it is, for at least inspiring Lino!

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  3. He could get Brett Sidell from BHS to teach him how to interview people or Ryan Stewart his old producer. They both do a nice job interviewing people on the street.