Lino's Facebook Status

Lino announced today that he is officially


Trumpets blare, single women swoon.

In other news, help Jared get a gift from Lino. Go to

and follow him. If Lino can break 300 followers, Lino has promised
to buy Jared something pretty. If Lino can break 400 followers, Lino has
promised to take both Jared and Fr. Dave out to a meal.

Update: (spoilers to follow)
Who's More Catholic.
Fr. Jim is armed with a new pen.
1. Sound effect: "blood pressure"
--> dustin was the first caller, and votes for.... Fr. Jim!
Fr. Jim: 1
Lino: 0
Lino's state of mind: Calm. Acknowledges that Fr. Jim's answer was better.

2. Sound effect: "buoy"
Lino's answer: very verbose, and meandering.
Fr. Jim's answer: nice, succinct.
--> Sean in Des Moines, IA hates saying that he is voting for Fr. Jim!
Fr. Jim: 2
Lino: 0
Lino's state of mind: mildly irritated.

3. Sound effect: "Car won't start."
(Lou and Jared providing color commentary -- very nice touch.)
Fr. Jim's answer: Again, short and succinct. Decent. Solid.
Lino's answer: Verbose, full of metaphor, and mom 'n apple pie.
--> Cort in San Diego, CA. He picks Lino.
Fr. Jim: 2
Lino: 1
Lino's state of mind: he's speaking words of blessing and flowery-ness to Cort.
Cort gives him some fraternal correction. Nice job.

4. Sound effect: "Cattle."
Fr. Jim and Lino pass.

5. Sound effect: "Slide projector."
(During the color commentary, we learned that Jared leans toward the
overly flowery Lino answers.)
Lino's answer: Plugs his facebook and twitter. Talks of technology.
Fr. Jim's answer: Succinct. Solid answer.
--> Mary in Milwaukee, WI votes for Fr. Jim Chern. Calls Lino's answer is full
of "shameless self promotion."
Fr. Jim: 3
Lino: 1
Lino's state of mind: He's going to Hulk out soon. Lino attacks Mary and calls her "not honest."

6. Sound effect: "Smoke detector."
(Lou chides both men for being hostile to listeners. And by both I mean "Lino.")
Fr. Jim's answer: nice answer about selecting a pope.
Lino's answer: goes into conscience, and rambles a little.
--> Rock in Central, IL gives a two-part answer. He picks both. Rock's vote is rejected.
--> Pro-bono Brian is chosen instead. He votes for Fr. Jim.
Fr. Jim: 4
Lino: 1
Lino's state of mind: Slightly relieved I think. I think Rock was going to drive Lino crazy
with his double voting.

Lou: "Fr. Jim won. We all almost lost."

Lino: "It was like backing into the playoffs."

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3 Responses to Lino's Facebook Status

  1. marc says:

    I have one name for the new single guy. Cathy from Woodbury Mn.Thats all a guy has to say.

  2. kyley says:

    I'm so happy Father Jim won!We need to team up against Lino next week. I wonder if Lino knows Cathy from Woodbury mn. they look like sister and brother.perfect, all he has to do is look at her and see himself.LOL minus big nose.

  3. Sorry I missed the show. Had better things to do like take care of me... lol
    But I am glad that Fr Jim beat the pants off Lino!