Lino on Youtube: Thank God I'm Single

Found this little gem that was posted one month ago of Lino at last year's Single's Conference in California (Lino will be going to this year's conference as well). Someone posted a video of our beloved Catholic Guy on Youtube. Hopefully this wets your whistle enough to get you through Lino's vacation.

And yes, that was a creepy sentence.

It's fun to see actual video of Lino that isn't more than 4 years old.

Edit: Janet pointed out on my Facebook that if you pause the video at 12 seconds, Lino strikes the same pose as the Jesus painting. Odd indeed.

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1 Response to Lino on Youtube: Thank God I'm Single

  1. O.K. I did just get that.Pretty good, and Lino is actually funny who knew? The people are laughing, really laughing.