Nancy's Compost Conundrum

Nancy from Farmington, Mich., called on Friday for the Minor Confessions segment. Her minor confession? Moving compost out of the city of Farmington Hills to another town, clearly in violation of the rules.

Why the rule? Here's the website

Not really sure what the rule is, other than it costs money for the city to gather the compost and only wants it for paying residents. From the website's description: Compost is made available to residents of Farmington and Farmington Hills free of charge from April through October at the “Soccer, Soccer” fields at 12 Mile and Drake Roads.  Compost may be picked up from dawn to dusk, seven days a week.  There is a limit of one truckload per person and compost is for private residential use only.  Residents must bring their own shovels and containers and may be asked for proof of residency if a Park Ranger is present.

Tough time for Compost freedom fighters in Michigan. God be with you.

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