15 meals

Wow, money is a sensitive subject it seems, especially concerning this post.

We won't harp on it too much more at the web site, but two things really stuck out during Lino's apology segment. One, Lino was sorry for sounding arrogant (but still made a scene of throwing money away on air! Talk about salt on the wound!). Two, the point kept coming up that it's maybe $3 a year that gets thrown away, and who among us hasn't thrown away money.

And you're right, we all fall prey to spening money in foolish ways. That fast food meal, renting a movie when you don't really need to, etc. No argument there. But since when do other's actions dictate what is right and what is wrong? Yes, we should all be more frugal with our money. I'll make an effort to change my spending ways, and I hope this is a wake up call to us. With that said, I hope Lino will also ponder it over, and realize that throwing money in a trashcan is NOT a good idea.

With that said, Lino, if paying for prizes out of your own pocket is something you do not feel like God would want you do with your money, and that you should save that money in case you need it down the road, none of the listeners would begrudge you for saving your money instead of spending it on something The Catholic Channel and Sirius should be paying for.

But Lino, as you mentioned on the show and in the comment section, only $3 you're throwing away? The Food Bank for New York would LOVE that money. I remember an interview done with them at Christmas time, where they said just ONE dollar pays for five meals. That three dollars you throw away? That's 15 meals. That's enough to give a man, woman or child three meals a day from Monday through Friday. I think that is what is most upsetting about this ordeal.

Dont' throw money away, be it on fast food, movie rentals, or on being too lazy to put another change holder in the bedroom. There are people who really need the cash.

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