How about lightening things up?

I love the show Scrubs. And watching this clip makes me think of Lino and Lou (or Lino and Mark Hart, Lino and Fr. Jim, Lino and Fr. Rob or Jared and Lou, take your pick!). After all, they're inseperable when it comes to the radio: It is my belief that, had Lou been around in Generation Cross, it would have picked up a few additional emmys.


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4 Responses to How about lightening things up?

  1. Wow - that's the first time I can truly say I'd like to punch you dustin... (and that's including all of your idiotic red sox taunts)

  2. Dymphna says:

    So much for lightening things up!

  3. Interesting! By the way, why can't guys hug? What law prevents a man from that which shows how we feel for another?
    A hug isn't sex, its a hug! Isn't it?

  4. LOL why the need for violence Father?