I don't mean to plug, but ... (oh and thoughts on Christine)

I really enjoyed Christine answering the phones. She was a breath of fresh air from all the boys in the studio. She seemed humble as well, never wanted the spotlight. We really wish you would have talked more though: your cutting wit and jokes were always spot on. You definitely had comedic timing.

Now that she's gone, we can reveal that for her one year anniversary of working on the show, we at Catholicguyshow.com were going to hold "Christine Appreciation Week (CAW)." It would have been really simple, nothing fancy. Just sending a bouquet of flowers from the fans and encouraging everyone who called in to take 5-6 seconds to tell Christine that they appreciate what she does.

But, she is gone. No flowers. No compliments.

No more Christine.

Oh, the plug I referred to? On my side podcast, Church Echoes, our own Rev. Jim Chern talks about 10 years of the priesthood. Fun moments, like a singing mishap, and much more grave matters, like working at a parish 15 miles from NYC when the Sept. 11 attacks happened. You can access Church Echoes at www.thecabin.net/podcast, or directly at http://feeds2.feedburner.com/churchechoes. Or search for dustin Faber on iTunes.

Done plugging, back to our every day lives :)

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