Listen to Lino Find His Wife Tomorrow at 4PM ET on Sirius 159/XM 117

Tomorrow (Saturday) a very special broadcast of
"The Catholic Guy Show" at 4PM ET/1PM PT.

Tune in and listen to the next chapter in Lino's quest for True Love.

Better yet, call in and help him in his discernment during the "Catholic Dating Game."

(Let us all pray that tomorrow is the day for our friend Lino.)

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13 Responses to Listen to Lino Find His Wife Tomorrow at 4PM ET on Sirius 159/XM 117

  1. kyley says:

    I'm sorry , but I had to turn the show off today.I can't believe that the show is all about the singles convention. They are there for a whole week !Please don't tell me they are going to do this all week! Most of us who listen are not single and could care less if Lino is. So the whole show has to be about poor Lino and whether he can find a girl.This is so stupid and childish. I think if anything he will lose any womens intrest in him just by playing the immature dating game, I mean come on why don't you just get a bottle out and play spin the bottle.
    And really Lino why is it You always see the most BEAUTIFUL women in the world every time you step out your front door. Give me a friggin break, I don't see that many beautiful people in a year and I live in a big city. The way you make it sound, every time you walk out the door theres a gorgeous women standing there. If thats so then why don't you have one yet. Your not, all that, mister so why don't you stop being so picky. You have had a chance at women in Minnesota and New York why don't you open your eyes and go out with some one who really loves you. I and a few who listens to the show will be doing alot more meaningful things this weekend and next week and will be turning off the Catholic guy show.Lino you need to grow up and start thinking about real life and get on with yours!37 and doing a singles convention CREEPY and not MINT.

  2. Whoa! Quick pause on the misinformation there Kyley! The conference is only for the weekend, so it's not for the entire week: just Friday's show and Saturday.

    Many of us who listen (myself!) are single, and look forward to hearing the convention. The dating game is just in good fun.

    Is Lino too picky? Who knows? But I trust his judgement and trust that he is following God's plan in his life. Maybe he'll meet that beautiful girl you speak of at this convention :)

  3. Kyley, that comment was not cool at all. If you don't care for Lino's show, just don't listen. Poor Lino always gets bashed for trying to do something different on Catholic radio.

  4. Hey! all I have to say is THATS SHOW BUSINESS BABY! and a show on
    Saturday, double bonus!I'm listening for sure.

  5. Kate says:

    I think if Lino didn't stay with the last girlfriend, who he admitted on the radio that he loved, then he's not going to stay with anyone, especially someone who lives in California.

  6. Everything will be fine as long as Jared doesn't say "things got crazy." Lino is all about discernment. My personal opinion is that he will stay the way he is, or have a big conversion experience and become a priest.

    It's much better to stay single than to get married and it doesn't work out.

    I believe Lino will be doing some broadcasting from St Joseph Catholic Radio.

  7. book says:

    I strongly disagree with your comments Kyley. You obviously dislike Lino and have no empathy for anyone who is struggling with being single and trying to find someone that they can love and be with the rest of their life. The whole show is geared toward the young single Catholic. Lino is single so his perspective is bound to be from a single person. If you are married and could care less about single people then you should listen to Greg and Jennifer and get the married perspective there. There are also many married people listening to the show including me but most of us can remember being single and how hard it was to find the right person. Is there no one that you are friends with or family members who are stuggling with being single? Do not care about anyone but yourself? Being married is difficult too so it certainly doesn't hurt any of us to listen to advice about relationships.

    Lino is genius at subtley integrating religion into the humor of his show. You have to be a rather intelligent and perceptive person to understand it. I think you need to try to listen a little harder to get his message. If you still don't hear his message about the faith mixed in with the humor, then turn the station over to EWTN where you can get straight religion. If you listened at all on Friday, his main theme was that in his other relationship where he did love the women, he didn't include God in the decisions and how important that is in a relationship. I have two good friends that have lost their husbands to cancer and are now single again. It's very hard to find someone when you are a little older and Lino is starting to get there so is experiencing the same thing. Some day you many find yourself unexpectedly single and maybe then you will care a little bit more about those that are. Just because an issue doesn't affect you directly doesn't mean we can't care about those that are affected by it. If you can just live in your own little world and not care about anyone else then fine, but when the time comes that you need some help and understanding from God, he may just answer you with "I couldn't care less, it's not my problem." Please consider how what you say makes others feel. Your comments are rude and hurtful.

  8. Kate says:

    I can kind of understand what kyley is saying. The thing is, Lino makes out like he has trouble getting women and you know that just isn't true. I still say that if he wanted to get married he easily could. The rest is all for show content.

  9. Nice call back Elaine - wanted everyone to take a moment to savor that great "Maureen - memory"

  10. Let me play Devil's Advocat here. I don't think Kyley hates Lino or anything. Every one of us has gotten frustrated at Lino at some point (I know I have, re-read some posts and I probably sound like Kyley as well). It sounds like Kyley just wants the best for Lino and is tired of him sabotaging relationships.

    I hope you are able to turn the show back on soon!

  11. kyley says:

    To answer back to all and to clear my thought up.First of all I'm not a butt kisser like some people are to Lino. I see things the way I see it and tell it like it is. My problem is that Lino seems to not give relationships a chance and just seems to throw the girl and her feelings off to the side, one to many times if she dosen't seem to fit in "his " life anymore.We are all so worried about how poor Lino feels that we don't think about the poor girls who just got dumped by him for no good reason. I had my troubles with dating and I had also been dumped like most of you. Thats why he makes me so angry. Theres no weight to his feelings for people.Every one is so disposable to him.He uses people for his needs and then tosses them off until he needs them again. I'm not the only one that sees this we have a large group of people at work who are lucky enough to be able listen to the Catholic Guy show and we all talk about it after. Believe me, I do care about single people Book, I've been there I have friends who are there it's tough now days to find someone, and for Lino it really does come easier for him to have a date, then most people, but he also finds it easier to just get rid of them on a whim. What I said probably was hurtful, Not cool but I'm tired of people not saying how they really feel because their afraid you guys are going to bash them for being honest and not agreeing with "King Lino " all the time. I know you all have felt this way one time or another about Lino, and your just to afraid to say something, because it might hurt someone or someone might not like it, but we need that in life. We need to look at things for what they are,start asking questions really look at it. Don't get me wrong, I like Lino and his show. I have praised him when its deserved. I have learned so much from him and his show, but I'm going to tell you how I feel like it or not.Maybe people should try to open their minds a bit more and not get caught up in certain things to the point that your not using your own minds.I to will always pray for Lino, but probably for different reasons than you.

  12. Dymphna says:

    I'm a good deal older than Lino and I haven't been single for quite a while, but I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's show. I think it was one of the best shows in a long time.

    It was really nice to hear the spontaneous laughter of the listeners in the background. I bet Lino enjoyed hearing that too.

    The show was a nice change from the usual show and I enjoyed it very much.

    I get what you are saying about the childishness, though, Kyley. And, as Dustin said, I've had feelings of frustration w/ regard to Lino in the past myself. But, its like Wednesdays. You just need to get over the hump and it gets better.

  13. book says:

    Thanks for responding back Kyley. I too have disagreed with Lino at times and have become frustrated with him. In those cases, I have personally sent him an e-mail telling him how I felt. That way, everyone looking at the fan site doesn't read it. Some of the fans may be new to the show and think, "who is this Lino jerk" and not continfue to listen so I think it is important to try to keep the fan site on the positive side. I do understand your feelings though and that other listeners may want to respond to an issue.