Stress Busters!

Today's show was super, and I hope it will be in the "Best Of's." I really loved the stress busting ideas. I was outside walking listening to my Stiletto when the one lady suggested Lino take a bubble bath! The very thought had me doubled over in laughter, while the neighbors were driving home from work! I wonder if Gus Lloyd takes a bubble bath. I bet he does.

I think Lino would benefit a lot if he could get back to Daily Mass a little more often. He already gives a good example in the healthy positive use of Confession. I try to get to Mass almost every day, and frequent Confession. I can tell the difference. Eucharistic Adoration would be great too. But in the Body of Christ, somebody is benefiting from Lino's sufferings.

On a lighter note, I figured out how much it costs me to listen to Lino's I getting my entertainment dollar? Try this for yourself! It would make a difference if the month is longer or shorter....anyway I figure it costs me almost 68 cents an hour to listen to Lino!

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1 Response to Stress Busters!

  1. Kate says:

    The Catholic Channel is the only channel I listen to (except for the Mass at noon on EWTN) so my entire $16 a month is for Catholic listening pleasure.

    And BTW, it really stinks that it cost $3 more a month to listen online! I don't even have a regular radio at this point so it's only online that I listen. I could never get the car radio to work. :(