Dating Ages!

I'm loving the current segment with Anthony Buono where he's insisting Lino date nobody younger than ten years to him! Lino, you're a guy who needs a woman who would be a good match to and brains. Ten years isn't too bad.

My personal experience: my hubby is 17 years older than me, and we'll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in August. It depends on the person.

I wonder what age YOU think would be good for Lino? She'd have to have the maturity and sense to handle a guy who's had a chance to be set in his ways.

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7 Responses to Dating Ages!

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  2. I don't care how old the woman is Lino is single; always will be single and there isn't a woman that is going to change that.
    No I am not being insulting. I am just being observant. How else could Lino go after the things that he is passionate about. He may think he wants a permanent relationship but what he really wants is the freedom to do what ever God puts in front of him to do and you can’t do that if your married and you certainly can't do it if you have kids. The only permanent relationship with a woman is going to be for dating. Could you imagine a child under Lino’s care? He wouldn’t know how to deal with another person getting more attention than he does. Could you imagine him getting up in the middle of the night to feed or change a diaper? No Lino is single and will remain single.
    I like Lino and his show. He is and should be about God's work with his heart and soul. A wife would not allow him to be as devoted to God's work and we don't need more bad shows... not that I ever heard one... but you women are all alike... you want a man to serve your needs and well you deserve that. It is what man is supposed to do, BUT God deserves Lino and all that he can do. God’s kingdom needs Lino right where he is the way he is.

  3. kyley says:

    Personally, I think a guy can serve the Lord and be married.If she supports him I really don't see any problem with him doing the things he still wants to do.Come on this isn't the 50's people can travel with their wives and leave the kids home with gram and gramps or family of some sort.I'm sure if hes doing gods work and needs to travel shes not going to say "oh no your not" and again maybe she will want to go with and they both can share in there love for travel and God.Maybe he would'nt want to travel as much if he had a wife who loved him and cared for him.Lino and kids are you kidding me he would be awsome and the kids would love him he would be their hero.Have you heard the kids that call in.As far as us women being all the same and needing a man to serve a women needs, well I haven't met a man yet who hates just hates giving a women her "needs" but she gives to and I think our Lino wouldn't mind that at all.We can't be selfish of Linos true needs, whatever they may be.

  4. Gregory says:

    Using the XKCD Standard Creepiness Rule ( of:

    (date's age) > ((lino's age/2)+7)

    Lino can date anyone older than 26.

  5. Kate says:

    I agree with Vince, I think Lino will never get married. I think deep down it's a lifestyle that doesn't appeal to him, though he may not want to admit it. If he does get married it will be because he wants a child, but at this point in his life I don't think that's on his radar either. Personally I think he should be a priest but apparently he's ruled that out, which is too bad. Priests like Fr. Dave and a Fr. Lino are what will keep the faith going into the future.

    But as to Vince's comment, "all you women are alike, you want a man to serve your needs..."
    for my entire 25-year marriage my husband has been disabled so it's been ME serving HIS needs...big time!!

  6. I think God has told Lino a couple of times what he wants Lino to do with regard to his personal life.

    It always sounds like Lino's too busy doing other work.

    He's got time for Emmys, a book, a radio show, a production company, and God. I don't see any time in there for a spouse.

  7. Dymphna says:

    I just want to know how Lino would react to the impression that he is "set in his ways."

    I agree, btw. He is.