Fr Jim Chern on *TODAY's* show... what?

From Fr Jim via Facebook:

Fr Jim Chern
- I know it's not Friday - but I'll be on LINO RULLI'S "THE CATHOLIC GUY SHOW" - Monday 4-7 PM EST on Sirius Sat Radio/XM Sat Radio's THE CATHOLIC CHANNEL - tune in Sirius 159/XM 117 or - CALL IN 1-888-322-8465

What's going on?

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1 Response to Fr Jim Chern on *TODAY's* show... what?

  1. Well it would have been nice to know ahead of time so I could have made time to tune in.
    I had so many important things to do like trimming my toe nails, brushing my teeth, watching the grass grow.. so many more as well... other than listening to Lino go on about how wonderful his speech went down in Atlanta and how much better he was compared to other Catholics...
    So in the future Fr Jim I would appreciate advanced notice by personal phone call, e-mail or something so I can be sure not to miss the best that Lino can offer.

    Now will you be back Friday to beat him at "Who's More Catholic?"