Vacations for Lino

Anyone else notice that Lino has been gone alot? I would like to know the deal he made at contract renewal time.Don't get me wrong, He deserves all that time off, He works hard, what gets me is, he has to take off Fridays, the best day of the week.My favorite show is on that day,Whos more Catholic.Father Jim is on that day! Can't Lino plan his days off on a Monday or any other day, just not Friday.Lets see, let me look at the calendar, I think he has another vacation coming up.

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3 Responses to Vacations for Lino

  1. Kate says:

    Lino's said in the past that he cares more about getting more vacation time than money so that's what they probably do -- give him more vacations rather than raises.

    I don't mind his vacations, I just wish they would bring Fr. Jim on to do the show when Lino's gone. Fr. Jim, Lou and Jarred could easily carry the show without Lino and it would be much better than "best of's."

  2. kyley says:

    I agree.Fridays are a bad day to take off, for just one day,for us,but if it were me I would take fridays off too.I do miss the Whos more Catholic segment of the show but it makes me look forward to it even more.I agree with Kate,I definitely thinks the boys and Father Jim could pull off a great show and I for one would love to hear it.I just wonder if Mr. Rulli would even allow it!!!I hate "best ofs".

  3. At least they played "the whole show's a scam" episode today! Also Jared helped out as pseudo pseudo phone boy on Busted Halo and really enjoyed fellowship and pizza with Fr Dave and gang, less Brett.