Who is Fake Lino?

Some of you have been following "Fake Lino" (or
"FakeLino" or "Flino") and have been asking the question
of the fansite team:

"Who is this guy?"

I think we should pool our brains together and figure this out.
My first thought on this was that it was.... Jared.

But Jared already told me that "No way. He wishes he could take credit, but he can't."
(One thing that Jared is is honest.)

Who do you think is Fake Lino?

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10 Responses to Who is Fake Lino?

  1. I'm thinking either the same guy that runs Lino Watch, or maybe Gus Lloyd.

  2. Nope, it's not me. I'm not quite that witty.

  3. I think it's Lino himself!

  4. Yes! finally a full investigation! I thought it was Dustin,Ha ha but he said no, so then I thought, like you Elaine, that it might be Lino and I would ask him, but not sure if he would own up to it.It could be so many people and it could be Mike! A Ha!I don't know, I'm not sure, but Fake Lino, we will find out, we have our best investigators working on this,Right Dustin! so watch it! No not Gus...Fr. Jim?...no...

  5. It's not me. Someone like FakeLino has to be on the 'real' Lino's case 24/7...meaning, you either have to:
    a. be smart
    b. be guessing at everything
    c. be Lino's twin
    d. actually be the very own Lino Rulli
    e. none of the above

  6. Greg Willits has been using twitter longer than anyone. My money is on Greg Willits. He's kinda clever.

  7. I didn't even think about Greg Willits. Maybe he did it!

  8. Fr Jim barely knows how to work Twitter himself (and still doesn't really see the value to it) so its not me - lol

  9. Not me. I don't have that kind of time to follow Lino. I have much better things to do...like clip my nails and blow my nose... sleep...

  10. Gus Lloyd -- not funny enough.
    Fr Jim Chern -- not savvy enough.
    Fr Rob Keighron -- not tactful enough.
    Lino Watch dude -- self-reported. Out.
    Greg Willits -- maybe. Twitter veteran.
    Maureen -- big maybe. knows lino well. unsure if she's on Twitter.
    Jared -- self-reported. Out.
    Lou -- maybe. extremely witty and clever. maybe the whole "tweeting is not manly is a ruse."

    have we checked Ryan Stewart?