Witty Banter!

I was only able to catch bits and pieces of today's show, and I want to give kudos to Cathy. Cathy, you are the new Queen of Witty Banter! I think "scam" needs to be the new catchphrase of TCGS. That was an excellent comeback, and I think "Who's More Catholic" is usually a big scam, except for today!

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6 Responses to Witty Banter!

  1. Thank you ,Thank you I except my new title with pride and honor.Hey, listen folks,I know when I smell a rat and that Lino Rulli is a big, fat rat.He says hes Italian and I think he uses his mob men to beat poor Father Jim,every week.Well Listen Mr Rulli I'm Italian and my family is alot stonger than yours.Yeah, I paid a few of my boys to take you down,but honestly ,which I was today, by the way,I think Father Jim had it all in the bag.Hey, I love you like family(probably more if you weren't such cheatin rat) Rulli but when ya messa with my friend Fr. Jim, you messa witha my Family.WATCH IT BUDDY! Because you shaka him down I shaka you down,and hard!

  2. Also, you're comment replaced "The Best and Worst of Lino Rulli" in the blog header.

  3. kyley says:
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  4. We really enjoy it when Cathy calls in.We just wish she would call in more than she does, she really gets the party going.There is something between Cathy and Lino that we can't quite place our finger on,but they are great together.To bad Lino has the "Girl".Queen of Witty Banter is the perfect title for her, she just throws stuff out at him,We are pretty sure shes unware of what she is going to say, it just comes out.Thats why it is so hilarious.Father Jim is lucky to have Cathy on his side. Great show Lino, keep it up.

  5. kyley says:

    I like her and thats a good name for her.She does bring something different to the CGS,like honesty, not just for the WMC, but the other things that are brought up.Is she the Cathy Chesshir on Face Book also,I see a similarity.I think whos more Catholic has got to be one of my favorite pieces of the CGS.Its a good way to end the week and it makes me look forward to listening on Monday.Whoever came up with it,good job.