The third time's the charm

I'm sure I'm not the only Lino fan who's hooked on the "Who's More Catholic?" segment every Friday when Fr Jim Chern visits. As a matter of fact, I had to go to great lenghts today...we weren't home, so I had to take my IPod Touch to Books a Million and use my wi-fi privileges there. Talk about creepy! Not intending to buy anything, but lurking around the stacks of books laughing like an idiot.

You just gotta cheer for Fr Jim, being the underdog for so long, and finally winning three in a row! This segment never disappoints (except maybe Lino)

Don't be surprised if we don't hear this for a few weeks. I'm not sure of the dates, but I believe Fr Jim will be on retreat soon, and Lino is probably going to Russia. We might have to put up with a short break (Lino, I thought you wanted to go to Russia so you could skip Maureen's wedding?)

Anyway, today was a classic. Congratulations, Fr Jim!

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5 Responses to The third time's the charm

  1. Kate says:

    I love Fridays because Fr. Jim is on the show. If Lino does leave (which I doubt will happen) they should replace him with Fr. Jim. If Lino doesn't leave they should give Fr. Jim his own show.

  2. Would be hard for Fr. Jim to have his own daily show. His commitment to the kids at Newman keeps him from doing so. But maybe a weekend show after Mass would be a great idea!

  3. Cat says:

    I have been thinking about writing a letter to Sirius and the diocese of NY - they should fully support Lino's show and whatever creative direction he wants to take the show. I am one of probably many people who got a Sirius account because of Lino's show and I am delaying getting an Iphone (to get mobile sat. radio) until I know the status of the show. If we all wrote letters (or called or e-mailed)to Sirius, that may make a huge difference. God often speaks and works through other people and maybe we, Linos fans, need to speak up.

  4. LOL Dustin, if Fr Jim had a show after Mass on Sunday, he couldn't go to ball games with Lino!

    As for Lino leaving, I take this with a grain of salt for the present time. It's like his girlfriend cycle. For instance, Fr Dave of Busted Halo mentioned that someday his order might need to transfer him. Now I LOVE Busted Halo and Fr Dave. I love satellite radio. But who knows how the economy will be in the future. How will Sirius/XM be able to fund different ventures? Time will tell.

    I have an idea we'll have Lino, single, on the radio for the foreseeable future. But as Cat says, by all means call and write Sirius and the Diocese of NY with your opinions.

  5. I couldnt agree with you more Elaine.I love how you listen,and can listen, even at Books a Million.I find when I'm on vacation I even have to take time out to listen, not just to Fridays shows but any shows.Thats pretty bad,but I swear its my only addiction.