Let's help Lino make up his mind!

All of us fans of Lino know about his woes in finding the right woman and settling down. Is his mate out there? Is Lino ready for marriage?

Personally, I've always said that Lino is fine like he his. He can remain a tremendous inspiration to young people in living a good Catholic, chaste single life. If someday the right woman, or a vocation to the priesthood comes along, he'll know.

But I have an idea that might help Lino make up his mind about marriage and kids....it really wouldn't be right for him to try out a wife, so why don't we let him try out our kids? Mine are slightly older, 20 year old son in community college, 18 and 13 yo girls in middle and high school...anyone have younger ones to ship to Lino? Maybe from colicky, vomiting babies, to terrible two year olds, preschoolers, young hyper grade schoolers....let's ship Lino a bunch of kids so he can make up his mind of married life vs single life!!!

I'd better add....this is totally tongue in cheek. For entertainment purposes only!

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4 Responses to Let's help Lino make up his mind!

  1. Cat says:

    Great idea! Kinda like the Robin Williams movie, "Licence to Wed". Robin played a priest doing Pre-cana with a couple and he gave them some artificial babies to take care of. I agree - real ones - colicy, cranky, and a couple of hyper toddlers as well. Once he experiences this, he will cherish "me time"!!!!11111

  2. Kate says:

    I think Lino likes his life exactly the way it is...

    I'm sure if he wanted to get married he would. And if he wanted to get married he would date women who aren't a toll call away. All the dating angst is just show material. If he wanted one, he could have a girlfriend in a heartbeat.

    Maybe someday he'll want to get married but that day has not yet arrived.

  3. Kate says:

    ...and like my mother used to tell me, there's nothing wrong with being single!

    (I just wish I had listened to her!)

  4. The dating angst is "show material"?

    Is Lino that good an actor?

    I don't think so.

    Besides, Lino strikes me as an "honest man" - I don't think he could "fake" anything about himself out there. He's got issues that he needs to or is too stubborn to work out but in the end he is cool enough with himself to leave it all be for now.