Lino Rulli's fishing trip

Lino Rulli went fishing, which is why all of us suffered through replays this week (although they were solid episodes).

Anyways, I found this pic. Apparently Lino caught more than fish this weekend...he caught miniature program director Ron Astorino!

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6 Responses to Lino Rulli's fishing trip

  1. I hope he threw him back!

  2. Erin says:
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  3. Shrimp fishing?!

    I hope everybody listens to the Thursday show "Conversation with the Archbishop." It is hysterical. I love Archbishop Dolan, and you can see just what Lino means about Ron.

  4. CHEESE WHIZ!! What a scary fish!! Thats why I don't go swimming in our lakes!I hope he brings that strange,tiny thing in to have it examined under a microscope.

  5. Haa The lakes are poluted are they now!! (insert your own Irish draw)