A MUST listen: Lino Rulli mocks Catholic radio

By Dan Sealana

AUDIO: Lino Rulli mocks boring Catholic radio - 7/7/09

Lino Rulli spent a significant portion of Tuesday’s Catholic Guy show mocking traditional "boring" Catholic radio. Lino did this segment once before a while back, after being frustrated by criticism he read of The Catholic Channel.

I have to admit, though, that it was a little bit uncomfortable for me to listen to Lino mock Catholic radio this time. Now that I work for “boring” Catholic radio myself, this segment stings just a bit to hear.

In fact, some of the technical mishaps that Lino re-created during this segment (going to callers who weren’t there, not knowing when you’re back from break, accidently talking over bumper announcements, etc.) are things that have actually happened on the radio show I work for.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy the segment, and I’m glad that Lino gave us traditional Catholic radio folks the satirical and brutal spanking that a lot of us deserve.

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6 Responses to A MUST listen: Lino Rulli mocks Catholic radio

  1. Kate says:

    I also felt mildly uncomfortable during this segment. I couldn't help but think of Mother Angelica and Fr. Groeschel -- both of whom I really like.

    But I understand Lino's frustration with the hate mail. I just wish Catholics would quit battling each other. We have enough people attacking us from the outside -- do we really need infighting?

  2. I believe Lino is really knocking Relevant Radio more than EWTN, as his employment situation with them didn't come to a happy ending. I'm with Kate though, this infighting needs to stop.

    I feel very badly that the priest wrote to Lino as he did. When the clip of the old lady who griped about "my Catholic religion" first came out, Lino played that one so incessantly I was getting worried.

    In my daily job, it helped me to develop a tough skin, as there's always people who aren't happy about something. That's life.

    I say let's follow Robyn Gould's example of having an open mind and open heart, even if your religious views are different from another's. For any new listeners, she's the Jewish executive producer of TCC.

  3. dustin says:

    Actually I really enjoyed this segment. It made me laugh out loud on several occasions, and reminded me of how blessed I was to have a fun Catholic station.

  4. I enjoy it also. Its his way of getting his point across and still be funny about it.
    I also know how much Lino hates, hate mail, but really I don't know of one successful person in radio or television who does'nt get hate mail,it just goes with the territory.He just needs to keep in mind all of the people ,US, who love him.We all get "Hate Mail" one way or another in life and it helps to remember, for every one person who hates us,there are 10 who love us and support us....No matter what we have done.

  5. kate says:

    While I was mildly uncomfortable, I was also laughing. His boring radio segments are the best. The first one had me laughing so hard I could barely breath. Anyone have a clip of that one?

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