The last days of The Catholic Guy Show?

By Dan Sealana
Original "Unofficial" Lino Rulli Fan Club Founder

Almost exactly a year ago, I made a special "man-video" for Lino Rulli called Thoughts on Lino Rulli quitting(?) his show. Back then, Lino was going through the same struggle of deciding whether to stay or quit The Catholic Guy Show.

I don’t get to listen to Lino’s show these days as much as I used to because of my religious community obligations and working two jobs. (It was a lot easier to start and maintain a Lino Rulli Fan club when I was unemployed and living at my parents’ house.)

But I figured I’d re-post the man-video I recorded last summer, since everything I said was heart-felt and still reflects the way I feel about Lino’s possible departure from The Catholic Channel.

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2 Responses to The last days of The Catholic Guy Show?

  1. Oh well. Much sadness if he goes.

  2. Cat says:

    Great comment, Dan. Those are my sentiments exactly. I have already called both Sirius and the Diocese of New York (about 2 weeks ago). I agree that what Lino is doing IS a ministry and we need shows like his. I will support Lino in whatever decision he makes, but I definitely hope he stays. I think if we are truly his fans, we should make our opinions known to the powers that be.