Who would want to go to Italy with Lino?

Lino mentioned a while back that he would like to take people on a tour of Italy.He mentioned this to his bosses and even told them that it would be "work". If I went on this tour with him,I personally would make sure it was work for him. He needs to earn his money after all.
I think they should let him take us listeners on a tour of Italy and any other place that is significant to the Bible.I think it would be a great learning experience and how much fun would it be to meet all of the other listeners and people that call in.I for one would sign up right away and I wonder how many of you would also sign up for this.You have to admit, it would be an experience we would never forget!.....Neither would Lino.

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6 Responses to Who would want to go to Italy with Lino?

  1. Kate says:

    I would definitely go if I could scrape up the $$.

  2. kyley says:

    I'm there, just let me know, so I can get my passport ready.That would be so much fun! What do you say Lino?

  3. I also would love to go. Pasport is in hand and the credit card is empty!!

  4. I'd go if I had the opportunity, which will only happen if we win the lottery. Genius idea, Cathy!

  5. Don't forget your Purelle.

  6. Jamie says:

    I would definately sign up and do whatever I had to do to get the $$$.