Fried Bologna Sandwich

The fact that this is even a topic on the Catholic Guy Show is a testament to the universality of Catholicism, and the fact that fried bologna sandwiches taste so good is a testament to God's greatness.

Maybe Maureen can bring some on her first day back for Lino to sample and enjoy.

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2 Responses to Fried Bologna Sandwich

  1. I remember eating fried bologna sandwiches as a kid. I didn't like them because of the fat. Heck mom would fry them and mix it with scrambled eggs for an omelet as well.
    I don't think they would be good for me now since the Doctor keeps telling me lunch meat is bad for my cholesterol and sodium is too high in it. So I'll pass and let you enjoy them.

  2. Cat says:

    Not only did I eat fried bologna as a kid, I also ate fried salami -had to pick out the peppercorns, though. Boy, those were the days!