Help Lino get some well-deserved credit

This web site is taking a poll on who the best Catholic speaker is. Right now, Lino has a paltry 24 votes, behind Greg and Jennifer Willits, Fr. Dave, Mark Hart and Scott Hahn!

How great would it be if we all voted and Lino won the contest? There's no money or prizes involved, other than a bunch of credit and links to their ministry, but the pride Lino and his fans would get from him winning would be well worth it.

Go vote! And make our big-nosed, even bigger-hearted man proud.

As an aside, it allows you to vote for 10 people, but only vote for Lino, lest the other nine votes end up defeating him.

Kudos to Fr. Thomas Szydlik for posting the link on Lino's facebook page

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1 Response to Help Lino get some well-deserved credit

  1. Some heavy hitters on the list and I am sorry but Fr. Mike Scanlan has to get my vote. Been around as a Franciscan T.O.R. for 50 years and well he knows about being a Catholic and lover of Christ.