Cleaning up

This blog has gotten stale. And a little too negative!

No I'm not casting blame on other people and leaving myself out, for I share some of the blame.

But we're going through a redesign and a new goal: This will be Lino's fan blog. Joking and goofing on things like his nose is all fair and good, but no more speculation about behind the scenes crap. No more hurtful insults.

Our new mission: Staying positive and unabashedly pro-Lino Rulli. We'll let the other blogs rip him to shreds, but here, Lino, Lou and Maureen reign supreme!

This blog will close for a few days starting this weekend. When it becomes visible again, it'll open up.

God bless you all!

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7 Responses to Cleaning up

  1. book says:

    Thanks for all you do Dustin!!

  2. kyley says:

    Don't tell me you banned Cathy from Woodbury,Mn. for 4 months from the blog.I see you have taken a few off. What did she do wrong anyway? We are all still trying to figure that one out.Why won't anyone fill us in.

  3. Cathy didn't do anything wrong. She's been readded pending email confirmation.

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  5. what happened? new direction? pro-lino only? whoa...

  6. Yep, pro-Lino. It is a fan site after all.