Social Networking Fun

It's very close to three years ago that The Catholic Channel started on Sirius 159. One thing that Lino did very early was to make himself available on email, as well as on Social Networking, mainly on My Space.

I did sign up as one of his friends on My Space; I was one of the original 13 (put me on a flag.) These were the days before Facebook and Twitter got so popular! Lino quickly accumulated many friends, Discerning Dan started an Unofficial Fan Club for Lino, among others.

This led to me, and others, making new friends that I might not have otherwise met. And we found other interests that drew us together; for example, I met Kate, who also loves Vera Bradley pocketbooks ;) Now I know some of the guys are shaking their heads at this, but at the same time, it makes it much more fun to get to know the other listeners.

May the next three years, and many others, bring us more fun, fellowship, and learning and loving our Catholic Faith.

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1 Response to Social Networking Fun

  1. I think having so many people to talk to on Facebook, such as Fr. Jim, really helped my conversion to Catholicism. There were so many people I met through listening to the channel that I could always count on to give me a good answer to any questions of faith I had.

    Loving the social media. Makes me a better Christian!