Congratulation Ambassadors

Today we found out who our Ambassadors of The Catholic Guy Show will be. We are lucky to have two Ambassadors, not one.I'm glad we have two people who are so excited to make others aware of The Catholic Guy Show. Spreading the word if you will.
I think we chose two very worthy People and I would like to congratulate Allicia and Jason, and thank them for taking on a job that I know,because of their love for the Catholic Guy and Crew and The Catholic Guy Show,They will do their best in making more people want to listen and learn from the best teacher the Catholic Channel has, Lino, of course,Who did you think ?
Congratulations Ambassador Allicia and Ambassador Jason.

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3 Responses to Congratulation Ambassadors

  1. kyley says:

    Yes, it will be fun to have Ambassadors. I hope he can check in with them and see how things are going.I would hate to get them and then never hear from them again.
    Cathy, You didnt want to become one?

  2. Ha Ha Ha,No, I have enough going on in my own life, that I could not do it justice.I think Lino did a great job in picking Allicia and Jason and I am sure they will do us proud.

  3. "check in" with them? mr. "i'm afraid of commitment"? hahaha.