Good CGS = Grouchy ME

It is not a shock that as of late, I feel TCGS is better than ever. Which should make me happy. It does to a certain extent but it also creates a stress in me. Let's take today for example. My wife needed to be out of town. Youngest is sick. No problem. I will stay home and get some work done from home. It is a snowy, yes snow, rainy, slushy day so I thought I would be able to catch a good percentage of my customers inside and do some business over the phone . Had a great morning in this regard.

But then my brain started going LOCO (Lino Obsessive COmpulsive). As I was nearing the end of my call list, I decided to check the ol' Facebook account. Let's see whose on to chat with. Wow, Lou is on. Wouldn't mind man chatting with him. Never done that before. Why in the heck won't this dude on the phone shut up. I need to man chat with Lou. It's 2:00. He has to be on the air in an hour!!!!! My window of opportunity is slipping away. What the!!!! My other phone is ringing. Hey gotto go. Oldest calling from school. Sick come and get her. Kiss the man chat with Lou goodbye. Suddenly very grouchy.

What I find pathetically sad about the whole thing is was I grateful to God for the wonderful business contacts I accomplished this morning? That I am my own boss and have the luxury to stay home and care for my ailing child. (BTW, not much caring there, poor kid slept off most of the day, which helped me accomplish all that I did in the morning, again which was not grateful for). Naw, no thankful heart. Just a whiny, pitchy man. And what for? What did I expect to accomplish with my few minutes of man chatting with Lou? (Assuming he'd chat back). Would he be so impressed with my whit that we'd consistently man chat? That we'd be BFF. Doubt it. Bragging rights. Who'd care? (Don't take it personal Lou). The world I live in, I am the only one who would find the Lou man chatting story interesting. So why did it irritate me? Mostly, because TCGS offers the common man to participate in something uncommon. To be part of an entertaining Catholic media program. It makes the listener feel they are part of something larger than themselves. I'm sure I could draw a parallel here between the common man and Mass, but I'm a still a little peeved.

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1 Response to Good CGS = Grouchy ME

  1. Man-chatting with Lou is one of life's simple joys. You have every right to be upset!