Honesty is hardly ever heard.

For those of you who missed the opening segment of today's show, Lino did an experiment in honesty. Basically, he told Maureen that he thought Maureen loved her husband more than her husband loved her. Oh yes, he did!!! This of course set off some controversy and call ins with most not siding with Lino. I called in not to defend Lino but to rationalize his reasoning. I never made it on the air so I will post it here.

Ok, here is what I said, brutally honesty, hopefully not offending Maureen.

- Perhaps, Lino thought this for the amount of time that Maureen and Danny dated. Something like 8 years, I believe. I remember at times during Maureen's first producing gig on TCGS she admitted albeit because of Lino's razzing that she would be ready to marry Danny but he hadn't asked yet. Let the facts speak, that is enough evidence to prove Lino's point.

Lino did the honesty segment because a guest was book on the show. Oh yes, there was!!! A. J. Jacobs who wrote "The Guinea Pig Diaries" in which there is a section on Jacobs' month attempt at total honesty. I've read Jacobs' book "The Year of Living Biblically". (He was on Seize the Day to promote that one, so good get Maureen). It was a very funny book and as soon as "The Guinea Pig Diaries" gets real cheap on Amazon.com I am going to buy it. Hey, married with 5 kids, a guy needs a budget. Besides, I am saving up for the trip to Italy that Lino hinted he might host this summer.

As long as honesty is the theme of the day and at the risk of irritaing Lino and Lou, I just can't say it enough what a wonderful addition Maureen is to the show. Things seems to be more at ease in the studio and it is reflected in the show. Look at me all inspired, 2 blogs in a week.

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