The Way We Were

I have quite enjoyed this past week's "Best of" episodes of The Catholic Guy Show. Though I miss having new shows it is nice getting a little crash course in Maureen. As an XM listener I haven't been around since the beginning of TCGS and didn't know what I was missing. I have enjoyed the show since I started listening no matter who was by Lino's side. Now that Maureen is back everyone is exclaiming and these replays... I mean "best of"... episodes are giving a pleasant look into what the show can be. I really hope Lou and Maureen got to have a little time off while Lino was in Italy to celebrate his birthday, but I am ready for the gang to get back on the air! I love this show and do enjoy the flash backs.

Happy Halloween and Happy All Souls Day
;) Allicia

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3 Responses to The Way We Were

  1. I enjoyed the spring break best of, and have some questions in mind:

    I didn't hear professional phone answerer Tom Falcone. Was he on vacation during that week? I can't remember, can anybody help?

    Also, did Lino get Gus' kids Easter candy and send it to Cathy?

  2. Tom had already left at that point. I believe he did so in February, a month or so before Spring Broke.

  3. Ummm No Elaine I'm still waiting for the Easter Candy.I believe my concern was for the childrens teeth and I was willing to take the candy for them.I'm sure its still in the mail and I just need to be patient, unless Lino......No he wouldn't do that.