Welcome back!

Welcome back to the revamped Catholicguyshow.com, the No. 1 place for Lino Rulli!

We took a week off to play around with the design, catch our breath, and focus on a new direction for the blog.

We've added some new things, such as an imbedded Yahoo! Media Player that will easily let you play episodes of Lino At Large (click on the play buttons next to the titles and be amazed!). New polls will be added each week, along with photos for the picture album.

Along with new features and a cleaner, easier to navigate site, we have new faces on the blog! Allicia, the Catholic Guy show ambassador, will be lending her writing to the blog. And we've also gotten some sort of official stamp of approval, as Lou Ruggieri and Maureen McMurray, producers of the show, are members of the blog. And as you can see from the post under mine, Maureen has already added behind the scenes pictures for our enjoyment.

We hope that the week we took off was worth it, as you, the reader and fan of Lino Rulli, should have a much better experience when you visit catholicguyshow.com

Thank you for your support. In the words of the immortal Gus Lloyd, God bless you brother/sister!

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1 Response to Welcome back!

  1. Love the Welcome Back Kotter theme song. Should actually be Fr. Rob's theme song since he's stationed in Brooklyn