The Catholic Guy: An Inside Look

Hi Catholic Guy fans! Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of the Catholic Guy? You know, all of those brilliant moments that happen when we're off the air. Well here's a little peek into what life is like behind the scenes.

This is Lino with a beard. I've been pushing him to grow a crazy Moses beard but he won't go for it. Coward.
Lino working hard. He is the model of efficiency.
Me, working hard...I am holding a random pink duck that someone kindly left on my desk. Our office is full of wonderful surprises.
Lou editing. This is the most excited I've seen him in months.
In order to maintain an open and healthy work environment we each keep a running tab of workplace misconduct. This is mine. Notice how Lou never seems to make the list. Such a gentleman.

This is Lou's list of work misconduct. He may be full time, but he still doesn't have a phone, permanent desk or drawers. He has essentially been relegated to Catholic Channel vagabond.

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3 Responses to The Catholic Guy: An Inside Look

  1. You got thrown under the bus Lou? Was it for the Pat McKay thing? That was hilarious!

  2. Love the pictures! Why don't you sneak a video camera into the studio while Ron is still on his leave of absence? We promise, we won't tell!