Congratulations to Ron Astorino

The word is out....Catholic Channel's Ron Rob Astorino has won the race for Westchester County Executive, beating incumbent Spano. Will Ron have to give up his day job at TCC to do this job? Lino, along with other hosts, have mentioned on air that he will be leaving The Catholic Channel.

Note: Rob's victory made it onto Rush Limbaugh's (obviously not as great as Lino Rulli) show. Rush got some ticky-tack information wrong, but we won't beat him up over that (saying Rob hosted the Catholic Channel for one. He also said that he talked to the Cardinal every day, but later on he correctly states once a week).

Here is the link to the transcript so you can see the remarks for yourself. This isn't an endorsement of Limbaugh's show or his politics, but it's still pretty cool.

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