What Will Lino Rulli Do?

On today's show, the 38-year-old Lino Rulli kicked off a new segment: The Countdown to 40.

He's going to have different vocations on the show each week (priests, married folks, etc.) in the hopes of trying to figure out God's plan for him.

I think it's a great idea for a segment, as hearing from all these different kinds of people each week can really help those of us who have no idea what the Hell we're doing. It's different from the "will he, won't he" leave the radio show because he has a two year contract, and pursuing what God wants in your life is a great thing.

Father Leo Patalinghug from Grace Before Meals called in with a different take.

"This is ridiculous," Patalinghug said while laughing. "At the rate your going, no seminary would take you...but this is phenomenal radio!" Fr. Leo suggested that he join a lay association and get connected to a religious order such as a Fransiscan. But first, he said that Lino needed to learn how to make a decision before making a decision. Then told Lino that he knew a bunch of beautiful Italian women who could cook.

The crew offered their picks, with Maureen saying that she thinks Lino will be engaged in two years, and Lou waffling on religious life or dating (he did say he can't see Lino as a priest). I think he'll be married to a listener in 3 years, but that's just me.

You can vote too! Over to the right, vote in our poll! Remember, it's not what you want Lino to do, it's what you think God wants him to do. HUGE difference.

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