Lino's Sorry!

I really enjoyed the Lino's Sorry segment on today's show. Like all the writers of the hate mail about breastfeeding at church, I heard Lino's dismay at the lady behind him nursing her child. However, I just shrugged it off: Lino gave a very typical bachelor's answer; let's just wait 'til he's married and has kids of his own.

I confess: yes I have breastfed my babies at Mass. Usually in the cry room, though. It's no big deal for an experienced mom to throw a blanket over her baby and get it done.

This subject recently cam up on the Busted Halo Show. Father Dave and Robyn (Robyn has experience in this) did their best to help the lady who called, but her reply ended up being "Thanks for nothing, Fr Dave!" Bottom line, you can't give an answer that's going to satisfy everyone.

At any rate, my children are all teenage and older. Their breastfeeding days are a distant memory. They're little for such a short time!

Thanks for a fun segment, Lino! Hmmmm, maybe someday you'll get married and have children of your own! Hopefully before 40 hits!

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