Juror Lou

It seems like just yesterday that Lino was called in to serve jury duty, and The Catholic Guy crew has been hit yet again! Lou will be serving jury duty in New Jersey this week. Although he won't share the details of the case, a good sign for any potential juror, we're hoping it won't keep him away from us for too long. It's going to be a tough road, and we'll miss Lou's sharp insight and witty remarks, but I couldn't think of a better juror than Lou. He's fair, totally unbiased and he's a fantastic listener. So while Lou's out, celebrate America's judicial system and rent one of these fantastic courtroom dramas:

1. To Kill a Mockingbird
2. 12 Angry Men
3. Erin Brockovich
4. Michael Clayton
5. A Few Good Men
6. My Cousin Vinnie
7. The Verdict
8. Anatomy of a Murder
9. And Justice for All
10. JFK

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3 Responses to Juror Lou

  1. Jim in ND says:

    I'm not sure if Lou would like to be included in the same blog as a picture with Pauly Shore.

  2. Allicia says:

    Do you think we could get Lou's face on Pauly Shore's body. Cause that would be HILARIOUS

  3. He would even be a good Attorney I think.Hmmmm he should look into this.Around here they make good Money but I'm sure not a much as he gets from working on the Catholic channel.