Lino Rulli and The Catholic Guy Show bash The Thirsting?!

By Dan Sealana founder

Sirius DJ Kayla came into the studio during today’s Catholic Guy Show to play some Christian music for Lino and the crew. After playing a short clip of The Thirsting’s “Ocean of Mercy” (a song inspired by the Diary of St. Faustina), Lino, Lou, and Kayla criticized the song and took very unnecessary opportunities to mock the singer’s voice. Maureen was the only one who didn’t agree with the overly negative review of The Thirsting.

It definitely stung for me to hear Lino and the crew goofing on the band during today’s show. I’ve really enjoyed The Thirsting’s music since I was recently introduced to it. They’re a great group of Catholic guys who I really enjoyed interviewing on the radio and seeing in concert when they came to San Antonio. (And I realize that may make my opinion biased.)

Of course everyone’s musical tastes are different and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But I don’t think The Thirsting got a fair a shake on today’s show. I encourage Catholic Guy fans to check out The Thirsting and make up their own mind:

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  1. I like this version - and some of their other songs.