Mystery Science Homily...

So I had Mass tonight (Vigil for the Immaculate Conception of Mary -- REMINDER - GO TO MASS TOMORROW FOR THAT! ) during the segment where my Sunday Homily is commented/critiqued. Was able to hear it later and was happy to hear I got a B+ this week! In Catholic Guy Show world, I'm doubting it will get higher than that.

To tell you how clueless I am on these things and how I really try to leave this in God's hands, personally I wasn't thrilled with this weeks homily. In sending the audio file to Maureen, I said "...not thrilled with my delivery tonight, so have fun."

So listening to how Lino, Lou and Maureen reacted is a good reminder that the Holy Spirit works through all of us - the Priest/preacher and those who are hearing His word... I'm happy that "preaching" doesn't depend solely on what I do or what I like - God uses me to help bring His word to His people. May I never forget that.

And thanks for pushing me to keep trying harder each week. God's people deserve the best that the Priest can offer.

God Bless - Father Jim

you can find this weeks homily btw at

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