Lino with Benefits

Okay, by now most readers of this blog know that most nights I go to bed with Lino Rulli. Yep, record TCGS on my stilleto. Put the earbuds in and let Lino and the Crew lead me into slumber land. However, I have another confession to make. Lately, I've been waking up with Kayla. Yeah, the tattooed girl that tries to improve Lino's musical library. You see, I've started taping her Message Amped program from 10pm to 1 am CST every Saturday night. I then use this show as my workout music for the week. Really adrenalizing music at 6 am. I like it because I'm not continually listening to the same music. It's like a get a new playlist every week. No commercials. Just Kayla voice in between songs. Lino has said in the past that I am a friend of the show. So I guess that means Lino is a friend with benefits.

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