Grading 2009 predictions

If you were reading this blog around a year ago, you saw this post, "Looking Ahead to 2009"

We don't have any predictions for 2010 yet, but with the new year just 25 days away, I'd say it is close enough to check our facts and see what we got right, and what we got horribly wrong.

• Lino and the girlfriend will stay together, and their relationship will really grow and flourish under God's guidance. There will still be the occasional fight, including one that Lino will mention on air that "could" end the relationship. But that won't happen.

What really happened? Lino and the girlfriend split up. He even found another woman at the Catholic Singles Conference this summer in California, but that one ended up going the way of the dodo. Our man is still single for now.

• Lou will get a sweet guitar gig. Lou plays the guitar, but we've never heard a sample of his work. I predict that sometime in 2009, someone will pay Lou real money to play guitar at a club or something similiar.

What really happened? We heard nothing of Lou's guitar playing. The closest we came to hearing a member of the crew demonstrate their musical talents was Maureen playing the Yukalaylee for Lino on his birthday, a moment I think was one of the most underrated comic moments of the year.

• Christine will get a boyfriend this year. We try to refrain from talking about Christine, due to the fact that this blog is run by a handful of dudes who sound creepy speculating on the life and times of Christine Lloyd. But I predict that Christine will find romance this year, and that we'll hear entertaining stories about it on the air.

What really happened? Christine's personal life stayed off the air until she left. We're really sucking at these predictions.

• Producer Jared Rizzi will take the show into uncharted territory as far as success is concerned. However, tragedy will strike when Notre Dame loses all of its games, causing him to actually miss two days of work due to the pain and sickness it brings.

What really happened? Glad we left that statement about uncharted territory ambiguous. We'll leave it at that. He left before Notre Dame's schedule got under way, but Notre Dame did come close to losing all of its games. 6-6, but it was painful and sickening enough to get Charlie Weiss canned.

• One member of the show will quit before 2010.

What really happened? We nailed this one. Two people left: Christine at the start of the summer, and the former producer at the end of it.

• We will see a 7-0 Fr. Jim victory over Lino in Who's More Catholic.

What really happened? We never got close, as the good Father never sniffed 6-1. The segment was put to rest for a while as well.

• Lino will get that tattoo of John Paul II's crest.

What really happened? No tattoo yet, although there is still hope for this one in 2010.

• Lino will be invited to Maureen's wedding, and the stories will be infinite in greatness.

What really happened? We nailed this one as well. Lino did go to the wedding. Lou was invited, but was unable to attend.

• This show will be better than ever in 2009.

What really happened? Maureen returned. That far surpassed any of my expectations for the show, which truly became better than ever.

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