Sirius XM's Top 20 of 2009-Where's Lino?

Sirius XM has posted what they believe to be the top 20 clips of 2009. Not to take away from B.B. King or Artie on Mad Dog's show but, where's the love for The Catholic Guy?

I am sure, for many at Sirius Lino's departure from radio was a highlight.For many of us his return, after being away for so long, was a highlight. Maureen's return was a surprise after being away for so long. Of course, her vacation in Africa lasted longer.

I can't believe that broadcasting from the 7 deadly sins room in robes, was not in the top five. I have to guess maybe the Archbishop may have asked the clip to be removed from the list.

Maybe we can come up with a Cathpak top 20 list?

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