The Catholic Channel, South Park Style

No, I don't mean that The Catholic Channel will start dropping four-letter words like one of my favorite shows. Rather, I had some free time after getting off of work early Monday night, and using South Park's avatar creator, created likenesses of all the Catholic Channel hosts. I did leave a few people out accidentally (sorry Kayla, Adam, Ryan, Emily and the rest of the crew members), but I think it made a nice portrait. I also tried to incorporate everyone's personality into the picture somewhat...I'll reveal that in the comment section of in case you don't want to try figuring it out for yourself.

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1 Response to The Catholic Channel, South Park Style

  1. Bob Dunning - Elderly, tired
    Fr. Dave - laughing, with lolipop for his love of sweets
    Brett Siddell - Bandages referencing the unfortunate mugging he endured
    Brian - "Brett is always right" sound clip that gets played on Busted Halo
    Robyn Gould - Peace sign shirt for the Grateful Dead, Laniard, cowgirl hat and mic for the concerts
    Fr. Jim - Enjoys a good beer
    Fr. Rob - REALLY enjoys a good drink
    Dr. Greg - Dr. outfit
    Lisa Popcak - Couldn't think of anything, so I tried to match her clothing and hair as close as possible
    Archbishop Dolan - Halo for the priesthood
    Rob Astorino - Short
    Greg and Jennifer - sleepy eyes due to five children
    Gus Lloyd - Beach look (Gus never wears pants, according to Lino)
    Lino Rulli - Crown due to him being the King of Catholic media
    Maureen - Cigarette. She smokes a LOT!
    Lou - He plays guitar a lot.