Music To My Ears

I can’t say I was ever a FAN of Christian Pop Music, I figured it was all like the infomercial; hands swaying, lots of mention of Jesus and not very relatable to real life. I am happy to say that The Catholic Guy Show crew with some (a lot) of help from the very musically connected Kayla has swayed me.

I try very hard to get out of work on time to catch a little bit of Music Mondays with Lino and Kayla. I am really enjoying the new music the crew brings to the table. It is also fun to figure out who picked which song and learn a little about what everyone’s musical tastes are.

On a whim I went to a concert with a friend to her church and I really got into some of the music. Kimber Rising was my favorite of the three. Todd Agnew had a cool way of giving a message before some songs that wasn’t to “preachy” and Building 429 was awesome (very good looking if I do say so… they are all married, but still a girl can look can’t she!)

It started with a “maybe I will check out the Message, Lino and Kayla really like it” and has now turned into consciously turning to the XM32 in the mornings. I actually have favorite songs. I thought I would share some of them with you.

Building 429/End of Me
Brandon Heath/Give Me Your Eyes
Steven Curtis Chapman/Jesus is Life
Point Of Grace/I Wish
Francesca Battistelli/Free To Be Me
33Miles/ Thank you
Sidewalk Prophet/ The Words I Would Say
Need To Breathe/Lay ‘Em Down
Plumb/ God Shaped Hole

Some of them you could mistake for playing on your favorite Top 40 station, the others mention God a few times and would likely not make it to the regular station. These are some of the ones making it to my save button on the ol’ XM. I hope you enjoy them and encourage everyone to give something new a try in any part of life; not just music.

;) Ambassador Allicia

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  1. I would add pretty much anything by Jars of Clay to that list, especially Work, Light Gives Heat, Show Your Love, and Scenic Route