A cure for Catholic jealousy ...

Okay, I realize my blogging debut title may sound a little odd (if you've heard me call into the show, I usually sound odd, but that's another story). I was listening to today's show, wishing Mama Rulli a VERY happy birthday from Texas and laughing to the point of tears during Judge Rulli (sorry, Maureen - I'm all about the face-to-face confession. I have seen someone go into the confessional when the priest wasn't there and she didn't come out for ~5 minutes. I don't think there were any drunks in there).

Anyway, I enjoyed the segment about cradle Catholics wishing they were converts or converts wishing they were cradle Catholics (I especially appreciated the fact that neither Lino nor Lou knew where to buy a First Communion dress). I can't remember the name of the caller (I'm pretty sure he was from Texas - a little place I call home), but he brought up Cursillo. (No, it's not like "armadillo", more like "Lino" but without the 'n').

In April 2002 I made my Cursillo (Houston Womens' #508). I had been out of college for barely a year and had been volunteering as a Core Team member for Life Teen at my parish and I had a huge crush on our youth minister who was encouraging me to attend a Cursillo weekend (btw, the youth minister is now in his 5th year of seminary). I went, thinking "I'm 22, I teach high school students, I know what it means to be a Catholic."

What was I thinking?!?

I learned in a deeper way that even though we celebrate the conversion of St Paul today, January 25, we have the opportunity to celebrate our conversion daily. With every step we take towards Christ, I realize just how many more steps I have in my journey with Him.

Cursillo is a movement, not a retreat. I'll never forget the words of the woman who led our weekend when she said "If this weekend is just a happy memory for you, then we have not done what Christ wants us to do." This weekend is intended to change the way you view your relationship with Christ, your awareness of what St Paul discussed 1 Corinthians 12 about the Body of Christ, and a deeper appreciation for the Sacraments.

I strongly encourage anyone who has not yet experienced a Cursillo weekend to prayerfully consider it. Here is a list of Cursillo Centers in the USA. This is a global movement and a global family. Prayerfully discern this opportunity to grow closer to God and He will not disappoint.

Cursillo is designed for adults ages 21+. If you're in college, check out this list of college campuses that have Awakening Retreats. Awakening is very similar to Cursillo - just geared towards a college-aged group.

Peace and blessings,
Kristan from Houston

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