We miss you, Bad Connection Bob

"Where'd you go, I miss you so, seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Where'd you go, I miss you so, seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Please come back home."
- "Where'd You Go" by Fort Minor

* I'll preface this post by saying that there have been segments I've missed lately, and that due to that, I might have missed his phone call. If that be the case, hit me up on Facebook and tell me what a fool I am.

Some of the best memories I have of The Catholic Channel, Lino Rulli's show in particular, is hearing how the different hosts interact with listeners. The way that Lino, Father Dave, the Popcaks, Gus, Bob D. and the Willits talk to listeners really shows their human side, and its so nice to have a channel full of hosts that treat the listeners with the utmost respect and kindness.

And due to that, there are certain callers that develop good chemistry with the hosts. My favorite? Bad Connection Bob. Here's a clip of him calling to say goodbye to former agnostic cast member and Wheel of Fortune contestant Tom Falcone.

Listening to that clip amuses me to no fixed end. Bob shows off his guitar skills (he can be heard singing and playing the guitar for Busted Halo's Two for Tuesday segment intro), and gets genuine laughs out of the crew.

One of my favorite moments happened a few months ago. The segment itself I can't remember, but Lino had people call and suggest someone for a position of importance. I named Bad Connection Bob, and lo and behold, Bob was on hold. They put us on the air at the same time, giving me the chance to tell BCB what an honor it was to talk with him.

But see lately, BCB hasn't called in. We haven't heard from him in ages. Nobody here knows his last name, only that he lives in Illinois somewhere and is a trucker. Hell, we don't even have a picture of him. And for avid listeners of the show, that's a damn shame.

We need to pray for Bad Connection Bob (and all of our fellow listeners that we don't hear from anymore). Who knows what happened? Perhaps he dropped his Sirius subscription. Perhaps he got a new job that doesn't let him listen to live shows anymore. Or maybe something terrible happened to him. I hate to sound morbid and depressing, but what if Bad Connection Bob died? How would we ever find out? Without having a name, you can't search obituaries. If his family didn't know that he called in while on the road, they wouldn't know to call and tell us about it.

Wherever you've gone Bad Connection Bob, know that you are missed, beloved, and in our thoughts and prayers.

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