Keeping Warm With Lino

I have called Lino a evangelism tool in the past. In fact, I try to entice people to listen to the show by playing clips of it when I feel it is pertinent. The clip below is case in point. It is Lino and the crew razzing Father Rob for not coming into work because he was ill. Then they played a Mike Tyson clip which they felt would be a reasonable excuse not to come into work. This portion of the show had me laughing so hard I had to leave the bedroom. (Remember, I go to bed with Lino every night).

The next morning I woke to -29 degree weather. Although it did warm up to a balmy -11. I had a job to do outside and worried as to what kind of crew I would end up with. For those employees who did show, I used this clip to motivate them. I brought them into my office and played that portion of the show. Needless to say everyone was laughing. And throughout the day running jokes about the clip were applied. Words such as "spinal" and "broken back" would bring a smile to all. Especially from the dudes who could do it with the Mike Tyson lisp.

So thanks to Lino and the crew for keeping me and my crew warm with your humor.

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