Eight simple predictions for 2010

A while back we graded our 2009 predictions, with the promise of 2010 predictions. Well, now that a few days have passed, and the 2010 season of shows is underway, I thought I'd offer up my own predictions for the show. Keep in mind that these are only mine, and I've not consulted with the other blog authors. Although I'm sure they'll offer a few of their own soon.

1. Nobody will quit the show. The last few years have been plagued with staff members coming and going like clockwork. Maureen left and returned, others left and never returned, etc. But I think by Dec. 31, 2010, Maureen, Lou and Lino Rulli will still be chugging along.

2. A new cast member will appear. I'm not talking about a new part-timer like Fr. Jim or Fr. Rob. I think the show will get its own phone screener at some point this year.

3. Lino will end the year single. That's not to say he won't go on dates or anything. But the man just will not be in a committed loving relationship by the end of 2010. 2011, however, will be MUCH different.

4. The Rome trip will be so good that Lino will plan more trips. In fact, the trip will be so good that Lino will ponder becoming a tour guide full-time after his two-year contract at Sirius is up.

5. An earthshaking event will happen in Lino's life that will get him pondering the future. And we're not saying that the event will necessarily be bad. Perhaps his mother and father move to New York, his buddy Goob will run for political office, or the gig at Currents really takes off. Hell, maybe the show wins a Peabody. Whatever the event, it won't be your average run of the mill event. It will be huge.

6. TCGS will start doing shows with a live studio audience.  Would be a cool way to make some extra cash, charge $5 a head and put the money toward prizes.

7. Lou will get engaged. We never hear about Lou's personal life, so it's possible that this might have already happened. And love is in the air at The Catholic Channel, as Seize the Day producer Emily got engaged on Christmas Day. Mark our words, by the time the big ball drops on Dec. 31, Lou will be planning his nuptials.

And for our final prediction, in the spirit of the phony mediums and soothesayers of the world.

8. Lino will go to bed at night....and wake up in the morning.

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