The Oracle of Bacon, Lino Rulli style!

Just for fun, I visited, clicked on the link for The Catholic Guy Show, and found the names of famous people that were on Lino's show. As hard as I tried, Lino only had a Bacon number of 3.

For instance, Lino Rulli interviewed Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Saved by the Bell's Zack Morris), who was in 1995's Twisted Love with Clint Howard, who was in My Dog Skip (2000) with Kevin Bacon. Lino also had the late, great Ed McMahon on his show. McMahon was in Bewitched (2005) with David Alan Grier, who was in The Woodsman (2004) with Kevin Bacon!  And finally, Lino Rull interviewed Jim Caviezel, who was in 1992's Diggstown with Oliver Platt, who was in Loverboy (2005) with Kevin Bacon.

It's nice to know that wherever you look in Hollywood, Lino Rulli is only one three steps away.

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