"Five Great Reasons Lino Rulli Would Make a Great Parent" by dustin Faber

After nearly two years of listening to Lino Rulli's Catholic Guy programming, I've come to realize that his ability to nurture people in the faith doesn't stop with the listeners. What we hear on the radio is just the surface: his God-given ability to teach the faith joyfully will extend to his own children someday (which, by the way, he will bear with his wife three years from today).

Below are some of the reasons why Lino would make a great parent.

1. "It's not a lie if the person doesn't have a right to know the truth." I remember Lino saying this a while back, and it makes perfect sense. It's an easy way to determine if being 100 percent honest is the right thing to do. For example, when your parents ask you if you did your homework, you are obligated to tell them the truth. When a stranger asks you if your parents are home, you aren't obligated to tell them no, because they could be dangerous.

It's simple ways of explaining things like this that will no doubt aid Lino when it comes to being a parent.

2. His attention to detail. Lino likes everything to run smoothly and as perfect as possible. While that will never be possible all of the time while raising a child, I believe that drive to succeed on the radio will transform into the desire to be the best parent in the world, to give his children and his wife the best person he can be. The world is filled with parents who just don't give a damn. It's a sad fact of life.

Knowing that there are people like Lino, who give 110 percent effort in everything they do, including parenting, makes me feel a lot more optimistic about the future.

3. He's fun! Lino's a great guy. He doesn't let faith turn him into a stick in the mud. Translation: He'll be a dad who will actually do fun stuff with his children. One night it might be the family rosary. Twenty minutes later? A water balloon fight in the backyard.

4. He's a three-time Emmy award winning producer. You think Lino Rulli has a knack for putting together great television work and putting on three hours of funny, uplifting talk radio? My God, I can only imagine how wonderful this all translates into bedtime stories for his kids. Hell, that'd make a great segment on the show too.

5. He's got the faith. Under all the tom-foolery and skull-duggery that is The Catholic Guy Show, there's a healthy layer of faith and Catholicism. The show has helped so many people get closer to God, and I don't think any of us could ever thank Lino, Lou and Maureen enough for that. More than any of the reasons I've mentioned, it's this solid faith that Lino and his wife will introduce to their children someday. Hell, if he made me a better Catholic, I can't imagine how blessed his family will be someday.

I know we're only one blind date in, but I've got a good feeling about this. Cardinal Egan once said that Lino was doing a great job. Give it a few years, and that statement will grow in truth. Lino, you are going to become a great parent someday. I hope we listeners get to hear all about it.

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