Will Lino find his future spouse on Catholic Match?

A poll at Catholic Match asks it's visitors if Lino Rulli will find his future spouse (why didn't they just say wife? Seems like a very subtle dig).

The good news is that the top two responses are "Yes without a doubt" and "Probably, but it's going to be hard." Since I'm not a member, I can't vote, but I would have chosen Yes without a doubt by default (the poll leaves out the possibility that Lino will find a wife on another Catholic dating web site).

And since the poll is riddled with people taking shots at Lino, we here at Catholicguyshow.com are going to return the favor and take shots back. Why not? If they do it in good fun, then what's wrong with us doing it in good fun as well?

• Rosemarie says "Well the question would be.....Do "we" need to meet Lino?" Hey Rosemarie, what's with the quotes around "we?" Terrible use of the quotation marks. A better use would have been, "I find Rosemarie "attractive."

• Clay writes, "Well, Most jocks have an atttttude..so he will haveto get over that .." Clay, you've just proved that most jocks have a problem with spelling.  Good God man, how many t's does attitude really need?

• Tiffany says, "I'm not really sure who he is but I voted anyway!:P" We'll give you a pass Tiffany. Go get yourself a Sirius radio and tune into the best radio show in the world!

• And finally, Nancy writes, "I don't think so." Yep, way to judge a man's soul without getting to know him. Is Nancy attractive? "I don't think so." Will Nancy find a date? "I don't think so, she'll grow old with her cats instead."

Some people were nice. One person wrote "God bless you and your discernment." And Michelle writes,
"What a FUUUUUUUUN challenge!!! HA HA HA HA HA...I am going to be curious to see the outcome of this one!!! Read his profile...he definitely has a great personality and sense of humor!!!"

Mad props Michelle. You will be blessed someday for sure.

I do apologize, but it seems that some of these pot-shots were not done with any kind of charity, just people being mean for the fun of it. And if you can't get encouragement at a Catholic web site, where can you get it?

I pray for Lino every day. He'll definitely find a mind-blowing woman to call a wife someday. 

Can't wait to thumb that in the nose of the haters.

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