We're bad fans

I take blame more than anyone else: This blog doesn't get the attention and love that it deserves.

Why? Well for starters, the podcasts for Lino at Large were last updated in the middle of February. I know that I'm totally in love, but that doesn't excuse my laziness.

So starting next week, you'll see a new vibe in our posts. Next week will be the first annual SAW or CAW. SAW standing for "Show Appreciation Week" and CAW standing for "Crew Appreciation Week." Not sure which one we're going to call it. Regardless of this illegitimate child's name, each day next week will feature a slightly over-the-top post singing the praises of the five people who make TCGS so much fun: Lino Rulli, Lou Ruggieri, Maureen McMurray, Father Jim Chern and Father Rob Keighron.

We extol their praises regularly, and we've had appreciation weeks for various crew members in the past. But much like the church has a special week set aside to celebrate Christ's resurrection, the show needs a special week to show how much we appreciate the work that each person does.

We'll try to do better. Bet on that one.

- dustin

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