All The Single Ladies by Ambassador Allicia

I have a bone to pick. Not with Lino, Lino is doing a good job. I have to address the ladies of the world who will be dating Lino Rulli. I like Lino. I think Lino would make a great date. I know he can pick out a good pizza. I believe Lino when he says he is making a serious effort to treat marriage as a vocation option. Again, my issue is not with Lino.

Ladies, take it from a true fan of the show: Lino may discuss his life on the radio, but he doesn’t live his life for the radio. Dating is not a stunt. To be talked about on the radio following a date is likely a positive thing. In my opinion, it means that he is still thinking of you that many days later.

Frankly, any girl should be flattered that he has taken the time to email and call and spend time with her. I’ve never gotten a personal email from Lino, I certainly don’t have his phone number (unless you consider 1-888-3CATHOLIC his number.) I was outraged a few days ago when hearing Lino say that a girl he went on a few dates decided to stop seeing him after she was mentioned on the radio. HELLO, it isn’t as if he was keeping his job a secret. From what I’ve heard ON THE RADIO it sounds like he was UP FRONT about what he does for a living. Lino is the host of “The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli” and “The Catholic Guy Show” would just be “The Religion Show with Some Other Dude No One Likes as Much” without him.

There are plenty of regular listeners out there that have sisters, daughters, nieces, and even themselves who would be more than happy to be “The One” that takes Lino off the market and would not be offended to be discussed on air. Just keep that in mind when you are one on one, in the private presence of Lino, discussing things he would never tell us on air that he has considered you special already. You are already ahead of the game.

I am not calling out any particular girl, I am simply saying: If you think you want to date Lino Rulli, you better decide right away, before you meet him, before he buys you dinner, before he adorably embarrasses himself to impress you, whether or not you can deal with being mentioned on the radio. It will happen, you WILL be mentioned, he may never tell us your real names, he may never tell us what you do for a living or where you went to school, but we will know he was on a date and we will be happy for him.

Lino is special to us for all different reasons. He is the reason my “special someone” is Catholic and he is the reason I found that person in the first place. I know he’s got it in him to be an amazing partner and I believe he will find someone to be special to him “forever and ever.” The ladies he is meeting and dating need to be aware that he has a really big posse supporting him, praying for him, and wishing him well. I regularly pray for Lino to find someone special, I think I may need to start praying for the girls he is meeting.

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2 Responses to All The Single Ladies by Ambassador Allicia

  1. If there is a petition, I'm signing it!!!

    If I wasn't taken, I'd totally date Lino ... just as long as he'd agree to be supportive of my love for the Houston Astros!!!

  2. If there is a petition, I'm signing it!!!

    If I wasn't taken, I'd totally date Lino ... just as long as he'd agree to be supportive of my love for the Houston Astros!!!